ZKTeco SBT1000S

ZKTeco SBT1000S

  • Single Lane Swing Barrier Turnstile
  • High quality electrical components
  • Anti-crash function

Combined with mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control hard ware and RFID technology. Considering availability of different dimensions, SBT1000S swing barrier is a useful solution to provide access control for people with special needs/ disabled.

Power requirements?:AC110V/220v,50/60HZ .

Working temperature?:-28 ~60 .

Working humidity?:?5%-80% .

Working environment?:?Indoor/Outdoor(if sheltered) .

Speed of throughput?:?RFID?Maximum 10/minute ,?Fingerprint?Maximum 10/minute .

Lane width(mm)?: 800 .

Footprint(mm*mm)?: 985*200 .

Dimension(mm)?: L=985,W=200,H=1100 .

Dimension with packing(mm)?: L=280,W=280,H=1160 .

Net weight(kg)?:?31 .

Weight with packing(kg)?:?38 .

LED indicator?: Y .

Cabinet material?:?SUS304 Stainless Steel .

Lid material?: SUS304 Stainless Steel .

Barrier material?: Tempered glass (stainless speed bar optional) .

Barrier movement?: Swing .

Emergency mode?: Y .

Security level?:?Medium .

MCBF?:?2 million .